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Fire Rescue

Amherst Fire District fire and rescue personnel respond to any call for assistance within the district, including structure, grass, brush, and forest fires, all types of rescue situations, calls for emergency medical assistance, carbon monoxide alarms, missing citizens, down power lines, traffic control at accident scenes, and even the occasional stuck cat.

The Amherst Fire District operates three fire engines. One engine (Engine 10) is equipped with a 65 foot aerial boom.

To support the engines on rural fires, where we do not have fire hydrants, we also operate two water supply tenders. These tenders provide us with our initial water supply and are the ongoing water source for rural fires (they will carry water from the designated water source to the scene for the duration of the incident).

For rescue responses, the Amherst Fire District operates two rescue squads. Rescue 1 is equipped for general rescue (vehicle, farm, ice and cold water, etc.) and Rescue 2 is equipped for specialized rescue such as confined space, high angle, collapse and more. Normally, the rescue company is supported by at least one engine company during rescue responses. A “company” in fire terminology means a specific apparatus (such as an engine or a rescue squad) with a three or four person crew.

The specific response order of equipment will depend on the nature of the incident. See our equipment page for more information on the equipment