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Engine1Engine 1

 2009 Custom Fire 2000 GPM rescue/pumper
Primary assignment: 1st out engine
Special equipment:  cascade system, Night Scan light tower, Traffic Command board
On board Class A foam system
Thermal Imaging camera
Gas detector
TNT Rescue tools, High and low pressure air bags
Due for replacement: ~ 2050



Engine 10Engine 10
2003 Pierce 1250 GPM pumper with 61' "Skyboom" aerial

Primary assignment: 2nd out engine
Special equipment: Aerial master stream
On board Class A foam system
Thermal Imaging camera
Gas detector
High angle rescue ropes and harnesses
Due for replacement: ~ 2028



Engine 8

Engine 8
1986 Ford/Grumman 1000 GPM pumper

Primary assignment: Suppy/reserve engine
Special equipment: Deck gun/deluge master stream
Due for replacement: ~ as necessary



Note: All engines are equipped with: 2-1 3/4" attack lines (both preconnected), 2-2 ½" attack lines (1 preconnected), 5" LDH supply hose, various hose fittings, positive and negative pressure ventilation fans, chain saw or "K12" saw, utility ropes, salvage covers and equipment, self contained breathing apparatus, hand held radios for all crew members, "Streamlite" flashlights, Class B foam, eductors, and nozzles, electrical generators and lights, chimney fire equipment, fire extinguishers, and hand tools.


Tanker 15Tanker 15
2000 Freightliner/Monroe 2000 gallon tanker

Special equipment: 3000 gallon "portable drop tank"
2-290 GPM portable pumps
Primary assignment: 1st out tanker
Due for replacement: ~ 2025




Tanker17Tanker 17
1993 Ford/Monroe 3000 gallon tanker

Primary assignment: 2nd out tanker
Special equipment: 3000 gallon "portable drop tank"
2000 gallon "portable drop tank"
500 GPM portable pump
6" "Jet Siphon"
Due for replacement: ~ 2018



Brush Brush 1
1985 Ford F350

Primary assignment: 1st out brush, grass, and forest Special equipment: 250-gallon water tank and pump Pre connected 1" and 1 ½" attack lines "Back pack water cans" Wildfire hand tools Due for replacement: as needed




Rescue 2Rescue 2

Ford F-350 and trailer Primary assignment: Technical and special rescue Secondary assignment: Department utility vehicle Special equipment: Technical and special rescue equipment Ropes, harnesses, and rigging equipment Hand tools Power tools Air tools Support struts Lumber (for blocking, bracing, and shoring)Due for replacement: ~2025



KabotaUtility Off Road Vehicle
2012 Kubota

Primary assignment: Off road rescue, EMS, fire attack, personnel and equipment movement. Special Equipment: Stokers Basket, EMS Trauma Kit and AED, 50 gallon water tank. Custom body and Legend Air Suspension
Due for replacement: as needed



A1 58 A1

2003 International/MedTech Ambulance
Primary assignment:
All EMS calls Special equipment: Fully equipped Advanced Life Support ambulance EMS trauma, medical, and pediatric crash packs Long boards, scoop stretcher, and stair chair Full splinting sets 12 lead cardiac monitor Onboard and portable oxygen Onboard and portable suction Onboard blanket and IV warmer On-dash and portable GPS Due for replacement: as needed (owned by Portage County)  


EMREMS Squad 1
Chevrolet Blazer

Primary assignment: 1st out on all Emergency Medical calls
Special Equipment: EMS crash pack and defibrillator
Oxygen and airway aids (including "combitubes")
Powered airway suction
EMT Med pack
Pediatric care pack
Long board & "C" collars
Full splint set
Due for replacement: ~ 2015