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  1. Burning Within the Village Limits ... ?
  2. Are Burning Permits Required ... ?
  3. What are the Hours I Can Burn... ?
  4. Are Open Fires Banned ... ?
  5. Where are Burning Permits Available ... ?
  6. Carbon Monoxide, What You Need to Know ... ?
  7. How Do I Apply for a Position ... ?

Burning Within the Village Limits ... ?

Burning within a village is regulated by village ordinance, check with your village clerk.

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Are Burning Permits Required ... ?

Burning Permits are required from Jan 1 to June 1 whenever the ground is not snow covered.There is no burning on Sundays and Holidays.

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What Are the Hours I Can Burn ... ?

Once you have received a burn permit the hours of burn are from 4:00pm until midnight. Fire must be supervised at all times.

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Are Open Fires Banned ... ?

We will update if a burning ban goes into effect. The DNR will advise you at the time burning permit is issued.

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Where are Burning Permits Available... ?

The annual burning permit can only be obtained at a DNR Ranger Station or by designated Emergency Fire Warden. See website at or by calling 1-888-WIS-BURN for more information

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Carbon Monoxide, What you Need to Know... ?

You can find information on Wisconsin's New Carbon Monoxide (CO) Law by clicking here

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How Do I Apply for a Position... ?

Under the membership tab, click "Join Our Team". Fill out the application under the "application downloads" at the bottom of the page.

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